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Who is Alex Weldon?

I'm a multi-vocational creative professional, living in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. My time is divided fairly equally between performing various freelance services and designing and creating artwork for my own board games (as covered by my other site, benefactum.ca).

The specific freelance services I provide are covered in detail on the services page, but in general, I can handle almost any writing, editing, design or illustration job thrown my way.


I hold a bachelor's degree in Astrophysics from Queen's University (Kingston, ON) and a certificate in Graphic Applications in Desktop Publishing from Concorida University (Montreal, QC).

Career Trajectory & Experience

After graduating from Queen's, I decided not to carry on in physics; although I enjoyed it, my interests are broad, and I came to the conclusion that dedicating myself to physics would not leave room in my life to pursue my other interests.

Since an undergraduate physics degree doesn't have much direct application in the job market, I decided to go to teach English in South Korea. Intending on staying for only one year, I fell in love with the country and stayed for a second before coming back home.

I've always enjoyed writing, but began to take it more seriously towards the end of my stay in Korea. Upon returning to Canada, I entered Concordia's continuing education journalism program, thinking of possibly using my physics background to become a science writer. However, upon taking a Graphic Design course as an elective, I discovered that this was something I enjoyed even more, and switched into Graphic Applications in Desktop Publishing.

I've spent most of the years since then working as a freelance writer and artist, except for periods as a colour corrector and designer at 36pix Photolab and teaching ESL with the Caron Language School.

In the last few years, I've grown increasingly serious in my game design efforts, releasing several Flash games for the web and finding a publisher for my board games. As a result of this shift in focus, most of the freelance work I've done in the past few years has also been game-related, working for independent video game developers.